The Kings East Development Partnership Inc. (KEDP) was registered as a not for profit association in 2005, as a vehicle to idealize and promote various programs that would see lasting economic benefits come to Sussex and the surrounding areas.

The founding members were the Town of Sussex, the Sussex and District Chamber of Commerce (SDCC), the Village of Sussex Corner, the Downtown Business Association (DBA), Enterprise Fundy, the Local Service Districts and the Kings County Tourism Association. Each founding member agreed to place an active representative on the KEDP Board as Director and an Executive Committee was elected from those currently sitting Directors to oversee operations and assign Directors tasks.

Today group membership has reduced to three, namely the Town of Sussex, The Downtown Business Association and the Chamber of Commerce. Those members continue to actively pursue ideas of interest and put those into motion on behalf of the members.


The first project to come to fruition under the tutelage of KEDP was the Sussex Murals project, hence the link to KEDP on the Sussex Murals website. Since the completion of the original Murals project in 2007, KEDP has acted as the “caretaker” of the Murals, ensuring that regular inspection, maintenance and touch-up of the current 27 murals in the area is completed on an annual basis using the skills and talents of local artist Fred Harrison. In 2014, the Board also initiated an application and approval process for future murals in the area, ensuring that the quality, materials and craftmanship of future murals in the region will be of a consistant nature. In 2013 the President in conjunction with Rogers TV 10, produced a 30 minute video for the local channel program Back at Home, showcasing the Murals in Sussex and area. This program has aired on many occasions and is available for showing to gatherings of local clubs, boards etc. Known as “The Mural Capital of Atlantic Canada” the name has been trademarked and therefore preserved for the future.

Currently, the Board has concepted, developed and completed two phases of its latest project, the “Cycling Friendly Community” initiative, which has seen a program of Share the Road recreational cycling signage and the placement of historically themed bike racks in the downtown core. in 2014 these racks will total 20 in number and be available to local merchants for sponsorship, ensuring a continued local interest and providing secure bicycle lockup for local cyclists and tourists alike. Annually a “Ride to Work” day will be declared by the Committee and advertised as an encouragement to assist “Green Transportation” in the area as well as Health and Safety for bikers. Phase three of the initiative to be completed in 2017, will see area cycling maps rolled out that will allow riders of all abilities to traverse the beauty of the Town and surrounding countryside. From time to time, Bike rodeos are held for kids ages 2-12 to teach bike safety, check equipment and provide skill level tests on a short course. In 2015 this event attracted 67 participants – an all time high!

Meet the Board:

The current Board of Directors is made up of Phil Sellars (President), Tim Wilson, (Vice-President), Kevin Black (Treasurer), Deborah Sellars (Secretary) and Steve Downey Director. As mentioned above Directors names are put forward for nomination by each of the members on an annual basis and can be more than one from each organization. Directors are ratified at the Annual AGM  normally held in April/May of each year.